Crazy for Fashion Week!

Crazy for Fashion Week!

How does fashion come about? Who says what's fashionable?
They say it at fashon week!

This year, Milan Fashion Week is back live, after the (digitally continued) stop in 2021.

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Where tradition originates.

Fashion Week has its origins in France, in Paris boutiques would gather on dedicated days to present collections to customers.
In 1943, New York started its own fashion week to promote its collections, as it was impossible to attend Parisian fashion shows due to the war.

Followed by Florence and London!

That's right, in Italy the dances began in Florence, which soon could not contain the influx of tourists and enthusiasts who flocked to the city from all over Italy and other countries to admire the tailoring made in Italy, and in 1958 the event was transferred to Milan, where it still remains.



There are therefore four cities that enjoy the privilege of dictating the rules of the fashion world twice a year:

September-October: for the spring-summer collections,

January-February: for the autumn-winter collections.

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