Dondup is now on

Dondup is now on

The Dondup brand lands on our online shopping platform, from today on you can put together your favourite dondup outfits with the best offers!

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Name: Dondup

Founded in 1999 by two Italians, it bears the name of the Buddhist lama Myngar Dondup, who inspired the company's philosophy and mission.

Mission of the clothing brand Dondup: The brand emphasises equality between people, emphasising through a stylistic journey through fashions and cultures reflected in the collections, that the important thing is the essence, actions and intentions, therefore there are no differences of colour, gender and social class.

Distinguishing features: a vertiginous rise in just 13 years! It was born in Italy and despite having passed into the hands of French haute couture, production remains in Italy, which continues to characterise the garments with the exceptional Italian tailoring tradition.

He quickly conquered the European scene and made his way to the East. He made the wearability of his garments a sign of recognition, and research into materials, often natural and embellished by workmanship, a true art. He began with trousers, enveloping and with a model designed to offer maximum comfort. In a short time he conquered Europe, coining a style that dresses men and women from head to toe.

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Dondup: a world to discover

The dondup collections owe their success to the cultural journey that sees each collection inspired by different worlds and lands. The spring summer collection two thousand and two, for example, is inspired by Cuban bays, the colours of Havana, and the typical materials of the Caribbean coast.


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