New adventure

New adventure

All rise! It's on! We inaugurate this new adventure of

After having reached and smashed the goal of having more than 100 brands in the collection, After having exceeded 5000 items in the menu of the giant brands Vans, New balance, Nike, Carhartt, Dickies, The north face, Patagonia and supplemented our range of offers with technical and exclusive clothing... Having reached and confirmed the threshold of the best prices on the online shopping horizon... we are adding a skill!


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But like any self-respecting preview, let's start from the basics, from the guts of the company:

Identity Card

Name: Key features: E-commerce of sportswear, we boast the best brands with the best prices in the online shopping scene, The story: We have tripled our offerings within the last 5 years, we have expanded our warehouses of clothing and accessories sales, starting with the exclusive offer of unique footwear pieces. We started with the feet, we have grown, after not even 5 years we are dressing men, women and kids from top to bottom. Although our origins go back much further in time, to the ten-year experience and tenacity of Super-head Fabio CalĂČ.

The mission!

Our mission is to offer the best pieces at the best prices, Research doesn't scare us, we have the best brands, unobtainable items, and we jealously preserve for our users the best pieces from previous seasons as we ride the wave of the latest fashion shout-out.


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Today, our staff includes a countless network of internal and external collaborators, and we are aiming to increase this number in order to support the made in Italy reality... but the heart, the beating heart, is made up of a team of just NINE people, the lifeblood of! - Social and customer care, - Warehouse and Shipping - Visual and Marketing - Development and design - Head Office and Research They are constantly working in synergy to ensure that users have the best shopping experience as if it were their own. We'll soon introduce you to them and dissect the company to show you how you've never seen it before... are there super-heroes? We have the proof! Stay tuned