This is not a blog! I'll explain why!

This is not a blog! I'll explain why!

This is not a blog, this of wants to be an anti-blog!

The difference is substantial, inherent in the roots and intentions! 

As in short stories there is a hero, and there is an anti-hero, Ours is an anti-blog! Or perhaps it is a blog at its rawest. In an age when blogs are written for marketing purposes, where every word is weighed to sell, we set out to be real, to bring honest information, and we also hope to be creative.

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We give ourselves permission to be genuine!

Fashion and trends told as they are, without mincing our words, we'll go through the revivals over the years and the stories of the garments you liked best. Because we're a bit bored with the usual blogs, and because there are clothes in our warehouses that we know are highly sought-after and clickable must-haves! We are here to offer an extra service, a better and complete service, to accompany you in the choice of your outfits. Because our passion for fashion and our love of creating outfits, we want to transmit them and we don't want to impose them! :) Stay tuned!