The 1920s, now as then! r(evolution)

The 1920s, now as then! r(evolution)

This 17 February, it was the centenary of the end of the prohibition years, the end of a dark decade for 1920s society.

The 1920s, now as then! r(evolution)
In every cycle (fashion, seasons, time...) there is a renewal and a return, and like the women's clothing revolution of those years, we too wanted to change,

The skirts were shorter, the clothes lighter, we got rid of constraints and clichés.

We're going to lighten up, we're going to revolutionise the world of online shopping, we're going to inform people on google to create awareness.
Away with all secrets!

Away with corsets, away with long skirts, away with material colours and bare legs!

We see the centenary as an important anniversary, we will celebrate it as we know how.

We want to change and we want to give you more! We have more to offer!

Incessant, overbearing, imposing, we want to offer you the opportunity to be updated on trends and novelties, to browse through outfits and fitting rooms...

We want to poke our noses into the innermost depths of fashion, find pieces you've never seen before, and come away naked, stripped of all secrets because you'll always want more...