Unusual Valentine's day

Unusual Valentine's day

"We are in full brain storming mode: we have to line up the avalanche of information that we want to bring to the table. Ideas hang in the air like fog on the best November days in London.

A voice cuts through the thick blanket of neurons and thoughts that permeated the atmosphere:

- Guys, the 14th is Valentine's Day...

The tension that has been created is palpable, I can hear the sound of teeth sinking into the lips of those present, someone snaps their jaw shut...".

Here are the facts: no one had thought about the impending deadline, not even the wives... already in a panic, who on the scale of terror from 1 to 10, where Hitchcock comes close to 5, came close to 15.

 Valentine's Day mix and match not to be missed!
Are you among the forgetful like us, or are you of the sunshine heart love faction?

So we turn the hot potato over to you, but don't worry, we'll cool it down first!

moodboard san valentino

14 February 2022 will be dedicated to lovers, we want to help you overcome the panic.

Imagining some of you busy with preparations and celebrations, others trying to find something else to do, we've put together a mix and match as a gift idea or mood board for you to consult when needed. For the rest of you, we have reserved "tidbits of curiosity" at the end of the article.

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An unusual Valentine's Day

Maybe you don't have your Valentines, or maybe you just don't care, but here we are, writing an anti-blog, and we want to gloss over the subject of Valentine's Day for you, diverting it to other events on that date:

Valentine's Day: The end of pagan rites

Valentine's Day was introduced around 500 AD during Roman times, to put an end to pagan rites in honour of Luperco, which involved wild celebrations and the celebration of free love. It goes without saying that these celebrations had values diametrically opposed to those of the love we celebrate today on 14 February.

Valentine's Day: The night of 14 February 1929

Some call it Valentine's night, some call it a massacre. It was the night when the gangs of Chicago gangstars clashed: Al Capone and George Bugs Moran, gentlemen who lived in the Roaring Twenties, set up organisations that smuggled alcohol during the years of Prohibition.

It was Al Capone who had the upper hand and who gave the face to that period in American history, the period in which the flapper style was born: the first real revolution in women's style, a period in which women wore fashion Ă  la garcon, drove alone and drank like men.

see you soon and have a great Lovers' Day!
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