What is the sticker that appears on the home page of some e-commerce sites?

What is the sticker that appears on the home page of some e-commerce sites?

Have you ever wondered what the sticker on the home page of our online shop is?

It's a guarantee that you are dealing with a real shop! that takes its business seriously. We are Trusted Shops certified to guarantee shoppers the best online shopping experience.

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When you see that your favourite shop has unmissable offers on shoes you've been looking for for a long time, or on that outfit you don't want to miss! So you cross the threshold and immerse yourself in a world of fashion and perfectly distributed clothes on display. You leave the chaos of the pavement and are greeted by smiling shop assistants. Then you know you can count on the professional help of the staff if you need it. You know that the shop is open and accepts payment by card, and the smell of the parquet floor, mixed with the floral background tones of the new clothes on display, reassure you that you are in a well-kept and professional shop...

When shopping online, have a guarantee

When shopping online you may feel that you do not have direct contact with the seller and the product, which is why we have certified our site with the Trusted Shops Seal of Quality! Trusted Shops guarantees you a safe shopping experience. The Trusted Shops seal is only displayed in shops that offer exceptional service. Trusted Shops uses impartial and strict criteria to award the seal, including: Data protection, costs, payment, delivery processing and customer service. Control is tight and thesupernuts.com meets all the criteria so you can shop with confidence!

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Quality assured! We meet all certification criteria! thesupernuts.com meets the quality criteria of Trusted Shops and has been awarded the Seal of Quality. Experts regularly check whether the criteria are met. Only shops that offer an excellent service can display the Trusted Shops Seal of Quality, you can also see the reviews and comments by clicking on the certification, of those who have already purchased with us and were satisfied! Thesupernuts.com is constantly working to provide you with the best online shopping experience, just like in shop!