#y2k! Ups, I did it again!

#y2k! Ups, I did it again!

The fashionable influence of recent times has taken over the web scenes under the ashtag y2k which has garnered something like 1.2 billion views on tik tok!

Why y2k?

#y2k puts its signature on the stylistic wave at the height of the pandemic, a time when, as in the 2000s due to the alleged Y2K bug, there is no longer any certainty, and technology occupies an important position in people's lives.

2000 revival banner

If you want to keep up, we'll give you some tips!

The trends of the early 2000s are back: tamaghochi, the touch version of mobile phones similar to those used then, tops and blouses worthy of Britney Spears in "ups, I did it again!", Cristina Aguilera trousers and Mel-C (Spice Girls) gym suits, or the casual chic, colourful and eclectic haute couture launched by Sex and the City!

From the new social networks, it is the Z generation that is pushing the trend, closely followed by the nostalgic millennials who spent their adolescence in those years. So in a short time, y2k fashion has become the style to follow for many. Hand in hand with streetwear and the 80's comeback trend, the new y2k trend has merged, creating a current style, mixed and revisited by people towards full freedom of expression.

Dress in y2k style!

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