year of the tiger! year of the tiger!, roaring new year!
Our staff, the heart of supernuts, got together today!

As in the speakeasies of the Roaring Twenties, it has given life to something new... From today, an absolute preview, the new New Year's Eve in store, yet another New Year's Eve in, because there have been so many novelties, but we don't want to stop!

banner year of the tiger, red and yellow auspicious colours, according to oriental customsAccording to the Chinese calendar, what entered on 1 February 2022 will be the year of the tiger, the water tiger to be exact, an event that is only renewed every 60 years.

This new cycle is characterised by courage, confidence, stubbornness and determination, so let's not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it and, like in a rodeo, jump into the saddle under the influence of the stars and planets.

 Like the Chinese New Year from 1 February 2022, we are kicking off the machine that will move the google people and give the best for their searches, for your searches!
photo yellow and red oriental-style 'stay tuned' sign our new year's eve
Under the sign of the year of the tiger our keyboards will roar, our warehouses will shudder...

It's up to you to blow up the servers!
Shopping online will not be the same experience.
For those who have always supported us and those who have just discovered us, you won't be able to do without:

Here comes the space we've all been waiting for, with information, articles, previews, indiscretions and curiosities... everything you didn't know you wanted to know about the world of, streetwear, beachwear, sneakers, clothing, accessories and lifestyle, approaching everything with professionalism and a touch of mischief, which is what sets us apart!
Save your pocket!

We can say that the determination is there, the signs are all there. We are determined to navigate and explore the fashion worlds with you.
The planets have aligned:
Here comes the "AntiBLOG", Here comes blog!

Stay tuned!
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