The Cult animalier!

Roaring and unruly, the leopard style must be tamed and managed, it is a cult with a strong character that screams personality. read more now!

#y2k! Ups, I did it again!

Below we have compiled a collection of must-have items at discounted prices that you will love if you love this style, take a look at the collection of clothing and accessories to have in your...

Crazy for Fashion Week!

Where tradition originates. Fashion Week has its origins in France, in Paris boutiques would gather on dedicated days to present collections to customers.In 1943, New York started its own fashion week to promote its collections,...

Welcome back fashion week!

We feel like saying out loud welcome back fashion week! The fashion shows closed on 28 February with the fashion shout-outs in Milan for the autumn-winter 2022 collections, find out more!

The 1920s, now as then! r(evolution)

This February 17th, it was the centenary of the end of the prohibition years, the end of a dark decade for the society of the 20s. The 20s, now as then! In every cycle, (fashion,...

This is not a blog! I'll explain why!

This is not a blog, this of wants to be an anti-blog!The difference is substantial, inherent in the roots and intentions! read more now!