Wood wood "contemporary" brand, the street style mix made in Denmark


Wood wood, the clothing brand that mixes graffiti, sportswear, street style and fashion, is born in Denmark.

The product of the Danish brand can be defined as "contemporary" is a perfect mix that sees style and functionality mixed in successful solutions.

Wood wood clothing has been presented to the world since 2002, presenting itself as a lifestyle and not just as a fashion style.

This openness and success have led to various collaborations with other major fashion and clothing brands:

Nike, Converse, Champion, Adidas, LEGO... are just some of the names that have been part of the history of Wood Wood.

These names, along with other clothing brands, also find their place on the shelves of the Wood Wood stores in Berlin, Copenhagen (the brand's birthplace) and Aarhus.


Collaboration with champions: Champion x wood


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