Sporting fashion par excellence

Elegant, sporty and of the highest quality: the brand Adidas has been the image of sports fashion for years. The Adidas brand was born in 1920 in Germany, from the brilliant intuition of Adolf Dassler, an athlete who aims to create a shoe that can meet all needs and that can live up to the best sports performance of great athletes. It is no coincidence, in fact, that Adidas stands as a symbol of many sporting victories. The origin of the name is curious and particularly original: the brand Adidas was born in 1948 from the merger of the first three letters of Adi, nickname of Adolf Dassler, with the first three letters of the surname Das. Today Adidas production is not limited to sports shoes, but ranges from technical clothing for the world of sportswear, to items that invade our daily lives, becoming clothing that fully realize the urban style, with that casual elegance that has always distinguished the brand. The target of a renowned brand like Adidas is not old enough and involves young people, adults and children; and it has no gender, because it stands out with its innate class both in Adidas men's fashion and in Adidas women's fashion. exhibits a wide range of sports items Adidas, suitable for every type of need: bring to your home your clothing Adidas, your favorite shoes Adidas and everything you want with a simple click!