Obey, the clothing brand, was born from the artistic and revolutionary graphic talent of

Shepard Fairey's graphics.


It was from the first graphics that became stickers, with the intention of spreading Shepard Fairey's art, that the media phenomenon of the Obey logo was born and with it its iconic and determined style. In 2001, the first collection was created, paving the way for the brand to spread internationally.

The collections are inspired by the world of music, skateboarding and wink to punk, creating an innovative mix appreciated for the continuous search for new elements and inspirations that enrich the exceptional graphics, and messages that want to spread.


Obey, the products

From sweaters to sweatshirts, snapbacks (the typical caps with a straight visor and adjustable strap), and hipbags (fanny packs), all accessories, trousers, skirts, shoppers and bags, Obey offers a world of innovative, eye-catching outfits, distinguished by a distinct communicative vein with few (if any) equals on the streetwear scene.


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