The fashion of metropolitan millennials
The same brand manages to produce comfortable and safe work clothes for workers, and trendy clothes for the metropolitan "millennials". This brand is Carhartt Wip: founded in 1899, it began to produce hard-wearing and comfortable workwear, uniforms for railway workers and, in the early twentieth century, for workers in car factories. Thus iconic garments were born, such as the famous overalls of 1932. The extraordinary strength of a type of clothing like the one made by Carhartt Wip has made its way into the spirit of the metropolitan millennials, precisely because of the profound meaning it carries with it: the profound value of heavy manual work, re-evaluated and brought to the fore. Today the catwalks are enriched with an original brand that, from technical clothing for workers, has moved to streetwear without losing its authenticity and its deep original sense. collects the most intimate essence of Carhartt Wip and offers it to its customers at affordable prices. Browse our online catalogue and choose the Carhartt Wip clothing that most closely resembles you!