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The first figure was released on 27 May 2001 as a tribute to visitors to the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo.

Fluorescent, made of wood, plastic, metal, bearbrick collector's toys are available for sale in the online stores of!

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The Bearbrick collector's bear is ideal for street style furniture, and some limited edition pieces are real works of art to have in your collections!


50 shades of... Bearbrick!


The standard size is seven centimetres high, and these figures are indicated as 100% Bearbricks. Other Bearbricks are called for their size compared to the standard: 50% are four centimeters high, 70% are five centimeters high, 400% are 28 centimeters high and 1000% are 70 centimeters high.

For the 100% size, they have four different styles; the base with nine parts that can be separated; a 'shatterproof' 100%, launched by the 14 series in 2007; a new type of 'BB bearbrick', launched for children in 2008, on which all parts can not be separated, but the appearance is a bit different with four screws on the back of the bear