Outdoor sports

Outdoor sport is wellness for the body: if the body is protected by appropriate sportswear, which enhances its capabilities and, at the same time, can be a valuable aid. Douglas Tompkins, founder of the brand, gave a meaning to his life dedicating himself to the ecological battles: this is the story of The North Face, a brand that was born in the sixties and that does not only give its contribution to fashion but lives to create technical sportswear in full harmony with the environment. In the seventies The North Face began to produce equipment at high altitudes using the least amount of material possible. A premonitory sign and an ingenious intuition, which preceded the times of many years. An absolutely unique sensitivity, thanks to which The North Face has made its motto "Never stop exploring" its own: the exploration of nature in its purity, with the respect that only excellent equipment for outdoor sportswear, conceived from a green point of view, can allow. A life spent building respect between man and the environment that inexorably continues to amaze. Thesupernuts.com exhibits in its online store The North Face men's t-shirts, The North Face women's t-shirts, The North Face women's shoes, The North Face men's shoes and much more. Choose the best and buy your favorite garment in the online store of Thesupernuts.com at affordable prices!