A proud gang of Streetwear smugglers since 1999

A proud gang of Streetwear smugglers since 1999

Streetwear, What it means, where it comes from and what to wear

Oversized sweatshirts, comfortable jeans and sneakers on the feet. streetwear was born in chaotic New York and encompasses dozens of different styles. 

We find out what it means, its origins and which brands are considered streetwear. 

Streetwear, literally "street fashion", is more than just clothing, it's a form of rebellion. 

It all began in the 1980s in the poor and infamous neighbourhoods of the Bronx, Harlem and Queens. 

There was an air of protest in the streets and young people, based on the artistic and cultural movement of hip-hop, they founded a new way of dressing.  

The songs, which promoted a youthful and rebellious lifestyle, were reflected in the dances and in the clothing of those who practiced or simply listened to this kind of music.

But from the slums of New York the message of those young people attracted the attention of the fashion giants who, in their creations, poured those matches and colors that covered the streets.  

The founders of streetwear

Founded in the early 1980s' Stussy, named after founder Shawn Stussy, is considered the first streetwear brand

Stussy still enjoys great popularity and was among the first to express his passion for this subculture.

Shawn began his career in Laguna Beach, California, making surfboards and t-shirts with his last name printed on them. 

In 1984, the logo was designed and the first store was opened in New York, along with James Jebbia, the later founder of Supreme. 

Thus Shawn was awarded the title of streetwear founder. 

How streetwear has influenced today's fashion

Streetwear is overturning the traditional fashion model. In the past, designers dictated trends on the catwalks, shoppers determined styles in stores, and magazine editors told consumers what they should or shouldn't buy.

Now, thanks to the predominantly consumer-driven streetwear model, consumers themselves set the trends of the moment. 

Streetwear hasn't just changed fashion, it has democratized it. 

In the digital world we live in, well-known figures like influencers, celebrities and musicians have a huge impact on people's choices and the clothing we can find in stores.

Social media has given anyone the ability to start their own clothing label and flaunt it in the hopes that it will be appreciated. In streetwear, it is the millions of users who like, share and retweet that determine what the next trend is, not the fashion elite. 

What clothing brands are considered "street wear"?

Currently, the streetwear brands most popular with the general public are: 

Streetwear to break down the barriers of homologation

Dressing streetwear doesn't mean filling your closet with clothes with famous logos. Streetwear is something very personal that wants to break down the barriers of homologation.

Be yourself. There is no right or wrong way. The origins of streetwear lie in counterculture and DIY. Although there seem to be a lot of rules at the moment, real streetwear is about being yourself.

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