The Cult animalier!

The Cult animalier!

Roaring and unruly, the leopard style must be tamed and managed, it is a cult with a strong character that screams personality.

Cult fashion his animal majesty!


The must-have of every era, it imposes itself on furnishings and fashion and challenges outfits on every level over time.

It is the element that does not go unnoticed, on a shoe or on a chemise, on accessories or undergarments, fashion has created a thousand versions, we have seen it from zebra to leopard print, in the year two thousand python was in vogue.

In recent years, fashion has revisited animal prints, emphasising colours and contrasts, dyeing them pink, green, purple, red...


Outfit Animalier su

Vans softens it up on women's  sneakers  by toning down the colours, while dickies uses the leopard sauvage for socks hats and shirts, exasperating the contrasts.


Combined with neutral garments that highlight its character, it can be worn everywhere, from outerwear to underwear, but used wisely, it can be the signature your outfits were missing.

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