C.P. COMPANY the classic and innovative sportswear clothing.

For the online sale in its store, Supernuts has selected the inevitable sportswear, including C.P. COMPANY born in 1971 from the creative mind of Massimo Osti, who has reinterpreted the classic garments of the men's wardrobe in garments with a "sportswear" style. Military clothing, workwear and sportswear are part of the historical evolution of the C.P. Company brand; and it is with the latter, sportswear, that the brand has established itself on the international market. In C.P. Company's men's sportswear, attention and innovation are focused on the research of materials, models and fabrics, to create sportswear garments that are easy to wear, with a classic and clean style, comfortable and attentive to details for men. Born in Italy, the sportswear brand C.P. Company, called Chester Perry and then evolved into the current C.P. Company, soon came to be recognized as the father of sportswear, stands out for combining tradition, innovation and performance in an unconventional and intelligent way.

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