Dr. Martens amphibian icon since 1960!


Wallastone, a UK county known for its shoe manufacturing, sees the birth of the historic shoe in a different guise from that known to the world. The company of the creators Griggs and Jones in 1901, was a company founded for the production of shoes, which supplied mainly miners, and British military with their models of amphibians with studded soles and reinforced stitching on the toe.


The arrival of the First World War sees the German military Maertens as the creator of the particular air cushioned sole that distinguishes the shoe that the world knows as "Dr. Martins". The doctor, who was injured, created a sole specifically designed as an orthopedic, for his rehabilitation.


Afterwards, the story will combine the innovation of Dr. Maertens with the experience and market knowledge of Griggs & Co.; the doctor will sell his patent to Griggs & Co. which will improve the characteristics of the shoe, and will present the amphibian to the world as "Dr. Martens", Englishisation of the German name Maertens.

Until then, working shoe, it is in the 60s that the shoe model Dr. Martens sees its boom conquering the popular fashion. Many rock and punk groups elected it as an indispensable shoe, thus promoting the commercialization and iconicisation of the amphibian.


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