The ever-evolving minimalist Covert style


Perfect for capsule wardrobes*; Covert fashion was born in Milan: a team of creatives mixes their experience to create minimal clothing products in continuous evolution.


Covert's minimalist style is guided by the entrepreneur Mauro Grifoni, who, thanks to the collaboration and cooperation of clothing designers, carries on the philosophy of "less is more", essential, original, in his clothing products are inspired by art, architecture, contemporary works, an explosion of inspirations applied to materials, colors and patterns, at the service of the timeless minimal style, which find space in every wardrobe for men or women.

Covert clothing is the must-have piece for every season, with its tireless search for the best clothing products, presents in the online store for its customers Covert clothing, as always at the best prices on the online market.


*The capsule wardrobe is a set of clothing items that can be mixed together, with a few items you can get more outfits, without fear of making mistakes, fast, effective wearable.

The capsule wardrobe is the cut of minimal wardrobe, the indispensable of the "less is more".