Born in the 1990s in Paris, it created an elegant and sophisticated line of bags and leather goods for men and women. Inspired and influenced by the French leather goods tradition, it conquers the market for the elegance and simplicity of its lines.

The finish of the leather is natural and enhances each piece as unique, giving each product the characteristic that tells its life story.


Care of leather Lancaster's products:

The Lancaster website states that:

"As all leathers receive protective treatment depending on their finish, it is important to seek advice from a shoemaker before applying any product (cream, polish, waterproofing treatment, etc.).Most stains caused by daily use can however be easily cleaned. Simply rub the leather gently with a soft, light-coloured cloth using a suitable neutral, colourless cream or, failing that, a mild milk make-up remover. Before applying the cream, you can rub small spots with a white eraser to make them fade."