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Stone Island features and style not to be missed

The Stone Island clothing brand produces a wide range of products that has carefully selected for its warehouses.

The brand was born from the idea that the garment should be functional first of all, then the style is accompanied by a meticulous search for quality materials, seams and patterns to offer comfort and wearability in everyday fashion.

Stone Island a bit of history

Born in 1982 in Milan from the idea of using two-tone sheets that covered the transport of goods, famous for their resistance.

Resistance, functionality and reliability are the main features of the first Stone Island outerwear products, which take their name from the two English terms that indicate the "used" effect of the materials used in the nautical industry, corroded by the sun and the wind.

The brand name is the wind rose, embroidered on a label attached to the garment. The brand has been so successful that the first items in the store were finished in just 10 days!