Graffiti and streetwear
With its sweatshirts, jeans, hats and jackets, Stussy gives life to streetwear par excellence. The Stussy brand was founded in Laguna Beach in 1980 by a skateboard manufacturer in California: the perfect fusion of the hip hop soul and skateboard culture. A perfect street total look, that of Stussy who has been fulfilling his mission for almost forty years. The result is a way of dressing that is linked to younger environments but that manages to involve all ages in a transversal way and conquers the urban style with arrogance. Surfing, hip hop, punk and fitness: a skilful mix that gives life to Stussy fashion. The revolutionary spirit of graffiti on walls conquers young fashion and finds its perfect realization in the brand Stussy. It's an idea, a way of thinking that identifies with an item of clothing. displays the originality and uniqueness of Stussy clothes in its online store to make them available to its customers at exceptionally affordable prices. You can select your favourite clothes and Stussy will arrive at your home, completing and enriching your wardrobe.